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A Naturopathic Physican’s approach to cosmetic injections and what red flags to look out for when booking botox or dermal fillers in Kamloops and Kelowna, BC.

With over 10 years of injecting experience, my goal is to always provide the information my patients need to make educated decisions. Whether you are looking to book cosmetic injections with in Kamloops or Kelowna or booking somewhere across the continent, beware of these red flags when booking cosmetic injections:

They try to oversell and/or never say no to more syringes.

While I’ll admit cosmetic injectors can and do have different styles of injecting, “overfilled” is not anyone’s desired outcome. When choosing a cosmetic injector be cautious of the recommendations being made during the consultation process. A good cosmetic injector will educate their patients on the best practices for the specific area, the individualized approach that may be needed for their specific facial anatomy and the very real possibility that desired results may take multiple treatments to achieve. You should never feel pressured to move ahead with injections if you are not fully comfortable. The amount of product and price of your treatment should never be a surprise post-treatment. Instead, you should both come to the agreement prior.

That being said, as your cosmetic injector, I have a unique understanding of the amount of product required for results. For example, if a patient came to me asking for only 18 units of botox to treat their frowners and forehead, I would have to decline. Why? It would not achieve the results the patient is looking for and does not meet best practices. However, if you mention that you only want to try a half syringe of lip filler and your injector is pushing you to commit to a full syringe, then put up your red flag detector. Filler can always be built upon and while it can be dissolved if you are unhappy, it is easier to add then to remove. My approach to cosmetic injections errs being too conservative rather than overdone. My goal is to enhance your natural features so you look like you, but with a bit more confidence. If you find that your cosmetic injector is constantly pushing you to commit to more product, it may be time to look elsewhere for your botox and filler needs.

They rush through the consultation or are uncomfortable with your questions.

Building off my last point, consultations are key for sussing out any potential red flags with a new cosmetic injector. Oftentimes consultations will be built into the beginning of your treatment (as they are with me), but that does not mean you need to move forward with the actual treatment if you are uncomfortable. Once discussed, you should always feel comfortable and able to walk away. Personally, if I feel a patient is still unsure post consultation, I encourage them to take the time to walk away and think about their options before moving forward.

When choosing your cosmetic injector, pay attention to the explanations provided to your questions—they will often provide clarity on the expertise of the cosmetic injector and help you determine if they are the right fit for you. If a cosmetic injector seems annoyed or offended by your questions, again: your red flag detector should go up. Questions are expected and encouraged in my practice. Along with the information provided during your consultation, I provide my patients with post-care instructions to answer any follow-up questions they may have. It is also important you look for a cosmetic injector who is responsive and available for follow-up appointments and questions.

They do not share their training/education or do not specialize in injections.

A cosmetic injector’s training and education should be readily available for any potential patient. If you are having a difficult time researching where a cosmetic injector trained or their background, you may want to reach out to them directly for more information prior to booking. In Canada, cosmetic injectors can have the following backgrounds: licensed medical physicians, dentists, nurse practitioners and registered nurses. No matter what background your cosmetic injector has, they would have also needed to obtain relevant training in safely and effectively administering botox and dermal fillers prior to offering them.

For some of these professionals, offering cosmetic injectors is simply in addition to their primary services. For others, they will have decided to focus on cosmetic injections as their primary service. In my experience, cosmetic injectors tend to find a niche, something that their patients know them for. For a dentist offering botox, their niche may be lip flips for gummy smiles as the treatment seamlessly fits with helping patients achieve a confident smile. For me, I have become known as the first-time lip filler expert, helping patients newer to cosmetic injections find comfort and confidence in the treatment chair with natural results.

When choosing a cosmetic injector, look for a provider that specializes in botox and filler (particularly in the area of interest to you). If it appears they only offer cosmetic injections once in a blue moon because they are focused on other services, that may be cause for pause. Speaking from my own experience, the only way to maintain and improve skills as a cosmetic injector is through frequently using said skills and actively furthering knowledge through additional training. You want to be sure that your cosmetic injector is up-to-date and confident in their injecting techniques. Personally, I have injected hundreds and hundreds of syringes and units of botox over my 5 years as a cosmetic injector, learning and improving on my skills each time. You should feel extremely comfortable asking your cosmetic injector questions to understand their background and current practice.

My background as a Naturopathic Doctor, allows me to have a better understanding of facial anatomy and how to approach cosmetic injections holistically. Though I was hesitant to begin offering cosmetic injections—as there are a lot of controversial opinions about this in my industry—I am so glad that I did. My goal has always been to help my patients live their best life. I believe that what we feel on the inside is reflected on the outside. Providing my patients the option to receive safe and effective treatment options that help build their confidence is of the utmost importance to me. My medical background and education made the transition to cosmetic injector as seamless as it was harmonious.

In many ways, cosmetic injections (or any aesthetic treatment) is an art, which means it can be subjective. Not every cosmetic injector, no matter how experienced or well trained, will be the right fit for you. Asking to see your cosmetic injector’s previous work will help you determine if their injection style and eye for beauty matches your own.

The saying goes, a picture says a thousand words and that’s why I post patient transformations (with permission of course), so potential patients can get a sense of my work. I also find sharing these before and after photos is a great way to educate my current patients about the unique approach required for each individual. A full syringe (1.2 ml) of dermal filler in one person’s lips will look different than if it were injected into another person’s. I always prioritize providing my patients the information they need to make informed decisions about their treatment that removes the need for comparison with what others are receiving.

Their prices are too good to be true.

In the economy of inflation lately, it can be very tempting to look for a bargain, but please don’t look for the bargains when it comes to your botox and dermal fillers. As cosmetic injectors, we have set prices for our products and any discounts you may find are a reflection of the injectors experience—not the product itself. What does that mean? The cheaper the injections, the less experience your injector likely has. As with any industry, you pay for the quality and expertise of the provider.

This isn’t to say that you can’t find a reasonable price for injections in your area, but please do not let price be the deciding factor of who you opt to do your cosmetic injections. Knowledge, safety, reputation and results should all come before the price in terms of your decision making process. There tends to be a misconception that cosmetic injections are extremely expensive, but with a preventive approach, naturally beautiful results can be maintained without straining the bank account. If you can afford a daily coffee, you can afford your cosmetic injections. It’s all about what you prioritize and planning ahead.

They offer botox parties.

If you are ever invited to a “botox party,” I urge you to decline immediately and take note of the cosmetic injector. Though it sounds like fun, in theory these events are a huge cosmetic injector red flag. I will never recommend any of my patients receive their cosmetic injections at a “botox party” nor will I ever be an injector at one. There’s a few reasons why. When choosing the right cosmetic injector for you, it is essential you do your research. Take the time to learn about the cosmetic injector’s education, look at patient transformations and ask questions about their approach. In my practice, I always include a consultation at the beginning of every treatment to review your concerns, answer any questions and talk about the best treatment options for you.

When in a party setting, it is unlikely enough time and attention will be allocated for these conversations. You may also find yourself comparing or swayed by friends’ treatments, there may be often alcohol involved (a big no) and the setting does not lend itself to be as safe/sanitary as a clinical setting. I could go on and on, but just say no to botox parties.

Cosmetic Injections in Kelowna and Kamloops, BC

When choosing a cosmetic injector, take your time to do your research, ask questions and read reviews. Whether you book in with me or are looking to find a cosmetic injector elsewhere, I hope this article helps you to do so safely. And please share this article with any family or friends in the market for a new injector as knowledge is key.

Along with my Naturopathic Doctor practice, I am proud to offer cosmetic injections in both Kelowna and Kamloops across five, convenient locations. In Kelowna, I offer botox and dermal filler at Heather Polak Aesthetics Studio and Kelowna Laser Spa. I have three Kamloops locations: Smooth Effects Kamloops, Studio 201 Skincare & Spa and Beautiful U Kamloops. To learn if I am the right cosmetic injector for you, feel free to book your complimentary consultation at the location nearest you. In the meantime, if you have any questions you can contact me directly here.