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Why you may want to consider chin filler if you’ve already had lip filler. 

The chin is arguably one of the most underrated treatment areas for dermal filler. With the ability to bring forward a recessed chin, minimize a double chin, provide structural support for the lips and restore natural facial harmony, many patients could benefit from combining their lip filler treatments with chin filler.

Without a doubt, the lips are the most common treatment area in my practice, and I’m not complaining—I love helping my patients achieve the lips they love! While some patients’ profile can support additional lip volume without further adjustments, others cannot. Achieving facial harmony and balance makes the difference between dermal fillers looking “overdone” or “fake” and looking like no treatments were had at all. 

As a cosmetic injector with an extensive background in facial anatomy—through my training as an injector and through my practice as a Naturopathic Physician—I find the combination of lip fillers and chin fillers particularly effective in achieving natural filler results. This dermal filler power couple not only enhances individual features but also ensures that they harmonize beautifully with the rest of the face. Here’s why you may want to consider chin filler to accompany your lip filler. 

Profile Balancing 

A well-defined chin is essential for a balanced facial profile. It creates a clear distinction between the neck and the face, enhancing the jawline and complementing the volume added to the lips. This combination ensures a cohesive, well-proportioned look. By aligning chin and lip enhancements, we can correct any asymmetries; overall facial symmetry is a significant attribute associated with perceptions of facial attractiveness by many.

Oftentimes when people think about lip filler, they think in extremes. But for many of my patients, volume is not the goal of lip filler. For this patient, creating balance and symmetry was her first priority. We used a half syringe (0.6 ml) of Revanesse® Ultra™ to correct this imbalance. Both her and I were very happy with the outcome. Next up? Chin filler to further provide lower face profile balancing. Though dermal filler provides immediate results (with a bit of swelling of course), do not expect to achieve your optimal results overnight. Building filler over time is safer and yields more natural results. Trust the process.

During this patient’s next visit we added a few more treatment areas and syringes of filler. More filler, more natural results? Good filler can, and should, look natural. For this patient’s lower face rejuvenation, we utilized a total of three syringes to achieve a subtly enhanced, natural look. We softened her nasolabial folds (NLF) with 1 syringe (1.2 ml) of Revanesse® Ultra™ and addressed her pyriform fossa with 0.6ml in total for a smoother transition. A slight augmentation to her chin was achieved using 1 syringe of Revanesse® Contour, and we enhanced her lower lip with half a syringe of Revanesse® Ultra. Three syringes later, we are both happy with the outcome. And if the patient chooses, the treatment remains our little secret. When a holistic approach is taken, filler results look natural, blending seamlessly with your features.

Support for Lip Filler

By strategically adding volume to the chin, we can provide indirect support to the lower lip area, enhancing the aesthetic results of lip fillers. The chin provides a foundational support for the lower part of the face. By augmenting the chin, fillers can create a more robust structural framework that indirectly supports the tissues above, including the lower lip. This approach prevents the lips from protruding too prominently, ensuring a more natural and graceful transition from the lip to the chin. It’s about enhancing features in a way that they naturally complement each other without overshadowing. 

Lip Filler + Chin Filler in Kelowna and Kamloops. 

Cosmetic injection consultations and treatments, including lip filler and chin filler, can be booked with me at five different locations: Smooth Effects Kamloops, Studio 201 Skincare & Spa, Beautiful U, Heather Polak Aesthetics Studio and Kelowna Laser Spa. And if you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out via hello@drkalebfalk.com